dealschristmas: michael bublé: mp3 downloads for $2.99


But is he as good as Sal the Stockbroker?


Favorite Christmas Album ever. Carpenters Christmas Portrait a close second. There's a great meme out there with this album cover stating "Michael Buble farts on your Christmas presents"

Good post OP :)


Save your money....This Bubble or Buble is not worth listening too ! What a Sinatra wannabe that will never be. In a year everyone will say Buble who?


@zappaman1999: I'm no fan of his, I've seen him twice when I accompanied my SO. He has been big since about 2005, so he'll be around in another year.

At his live shows he demonstrates an good self deprecating sense of humor, and knows many of the men there are not there as their first choice. And says so.

He doesn't take himself too seriously and so I like the guy.