dealssteam holiday sale - day 4


Must buys:
both Mass Effects for $5 each

Good buys:
Divinity II for $10 - the poor man's (relatively bug-free) Oblivion/Skyrim

The Opposing Force games suck. They're dirt cheap and do offer a playable single player, but they were designed for MP and are blatant console ports with terrible controls.

Brink was a flop but it might be worth $5.

dont know much about the rest. Monday Night Combat is still on sale for $2.50 for yesterday's deals, though, which is a must buy. 2+ hours left.


@lobstrain I like that you included a note on how you feel about Limbo.


@coconutextreme: Limbo is absolutely fantastic. I bought it at full retail on the Xbox the day it came out, and it blew me away. At $15, I felt it was a little short, but it's a steal at $2.49.


@lobstrain: I totally agree. Limbo was a blast, dark and disturbing with big spiders!

I think torchlight is easily the next best steal but i think its been around and the 2nd one comes out next year.

blur..have to think about that one..


@lobstrain: You convinced me. Bought Limbo for the significant other. Hope he likes it!


Limbo is one of those games that you just have to play, so simple in concept, but the deeper you go the more you love it. Torchlight is terrific too


For those on the fence, Blur is essentially Call of Duty for arcade racing game with Mario Kart aspects.

Perks, level ups, and on-track power-ups like turbo boosts(mushroom), homing shunts(red shells), bolts(green shells), mines(fake item boxes), and all manner of coolness.

The game never received a good shot, and was quickly buried by Activision. It's sad since the game is still one of my personal favorites of this generation of console gaming.

Either way, i'm vouching for it totally.


lol Between me and my Significant Other Steam is totally wiping out my holiday budget with these sales!!! lol


Man steam has some great deals this holiday season. I just wish I could see some more A titles with mac support on steam.


Some great titles here but Limbo is the best deal by far.. Used to love playing that. Can't wait for more deals tomorrow!