dealsfire piston for $19.00


Here's a good example of what this is and how it works (if you don't know.)



Another example of the wonders of Woot. You learn something new every day. Thanks!


@nortonsark: Haha...that's actually a big part of why I posted it, I thought it might be something that a lot of people haven't seen before.

Plus, now the seed has been planted. I will reap my reward when I see a $4.99 + free shipping fire piston on Deals.woot :)

[ed] AND! Let me add this is actually a really good deal for a fire piston. They're like $50 for most of 'em..


Fire pistons are AWESOME. amazing things.... but I think there's some magic involved.
So, don't use it around the prying eyes of any witch-hunters.


These are pretty magic although you can make yourself a pretty solid one for not much at all.


Here's a random DIY video:

Didn't actually watch more than a couple minutes. Looks like pretty much the only reoccurring method I've seen.. which is:

1x Copper Pipe, 1x Dowel and 1x O-ring


So is that a contest or something? See who can have the most elaborately inefficient, impractical way to start fire in the wilderness? My method involves alien-attracting songs, phaser beams, and kindle.


@boredmaster: I just wanted to point out that I'm not one of the people that downvoted that comment heh..
I *may* have, but I wanted this comment to be true :D

[ed] Also, if you already have a phaser beam, why do you need the aliens and the kindle? Actually, I'm starting to doubt your whole story.


@drchops: getting there! Another science store already undercut this one on Amazon, not a ton in stock though!


I watched the videos and still cannot figure out its practical usage where matches, lighters or spark igniters aren't more convenient. It's still a cool demonstration of the principle of Adiabatic Combustion...if I were a high school science teacher.


OK, so I'm lost in the woods. I have no matches or fuel, but I just happen to find a piston, some "char cloth" and vaseline? By the way, Vaseline is PETROLEUM JELLY! A petroleum by product. So don't try to tell me the friction does create gas vapor! I think I'll keep my $19 and buy a couple packs of waterproof matches to keep with me...

I DID learn something new though.


Of course carrying a butane lighter is more convenient, but these were developed by cultures without such things - the originals were made of carved wood, greased with fat and use natural fiber as the "O ring" to seal the piston. They're still in use in some (very) out of the way places, most notably as cigarette lighters(!). They make a pretty convincing lab demonstration in my classes, too.


In my experience, when I pist-on a fire, its goes out, not starts the But seriously, this is pretty cool!


This makes a cool conversation piece, but I'm not sure it would be particularly useful in a camping or survival situation. Good old-fashioned disposable lighter (backed up with swedish fire steel) takes up less space. Still, it makes a cool demonstration.


I've gotta agree w/ @boredmaster:
This thing is super inefficient and impractical... good only for a science fair project.