dealsthe walking dead: ep. 3 "long road ahead" for…


I bought the first two episodes on Steam as part of a Telltale Games bundle, so I wonder if the newer episodes that released will come in for free in an update for me. Ep. 2 was pretty damn awesome though.


@myspaceisacult: Only if you bought the season pass. It was about $15.


statictrance is correct. This is normal price.


@statictrance @sninja13: Yes, and that is stated in the description.


Telltale are great...unless you played Jurassic Park.


$20 for the "season" (5 episodes) or $5 each...this is normal price. Though I believe there was a sale recently at GameStop for $15 for the PC/Steam version of the season. Great "game" so far. More like a VERY interactive movie. $20 for 5 episodes, each episode is about 2-3 hours...easily worth the price. Though be warned, the game does slow down a tad bit (nothing major) when action picks up, at least on the PS3 it does. I hear the same happens on the 360 as well.


@wickedd365: Then why is this even here? I LOVED the first two episodes and I'm 27% done downloading Episode 3, but this is a deals site. Not a "I just thought people should know" site.

@geminiace: The Law and Order game wasn't anything special either...