dealstorchlight for download $0.00 for $0.00


The game may come up for $7.49. If it does, just try a few times until you get it coming up for free. The deal is go, but seems to be randomly applied.


It doesn't matter if it comes up as $7.49, just checkout and it's free.


Use code #NoDRM. I don't know if you need the # or not. That is what was in the email I received from GOG. I didn't need to use it, when I signed in it showed as free.


Snagged me a copy this morning. They don't require a credit card to get an account, just an email address. Great deal!


I feel like this deal should be more popular considering Torchlight is still $14.99 on steam. I got it a while back during a steam sale for about $5 but free is awesome, especially for such a quality game.