dealsthe graduation bundle - indie royale for $5.00…


Humble Indie Bundle V just went live but Woot won't accept it as a new deal but you should still get it because it really is the bestest deal around.


@the7654: yea this bundle is even better than the grad bundle. PICK IT UP, it includes mac and linux versions of all the games as well. The proceeds go to charity too!


"Ichi" (for Mac/PC) has now been added to be bundle as well. It's described as a 'one-button puzzler'.

Of the games included, I've only played "The Void", which is a very different (but very good) FPS game that takes place in a grey twilight zone between life and death. Instead of shooting baddies in the face, you collect the few drops of color remaining and distributing it to the inhabitants of the world. And then later on I think you shoot baddies in the face. There is some nudity (both male and female) so it probably is not for the kids, although it is likely over their heads anyway. The incredible design aesthetic really makes the unique gameplay experience shine.

With less than a day left, the minimum is around $5 -- a good deal for all these games.