dealsasus transformer tf3000t pad tegra 3 quad-coreā€¦


From their description on their page it appears to come with the Keyboard Dock as well. But it does not say int he main item title. If so not a bad deal. Opinions anyone?


On the Geeks, always look at the section that reads: Package Includes...There is no dock. Woot had this on sale last week for $329, including the dock.

Package Includes:
ASUS Transformer Pad Tegra 3 Quad-Core 10.1" Multi-Touch Android Tablet
User Manual
AC USB adapter
USB cable


Newegg and Amazon both list it for 350.00 new. Newegg also has both a new and a refurbished one (exact same model) WITH the dock for 350.00. refurbished without dock on newegg is 289.00. the dock alone is 88.00.

These are all the blue ones.


Reviews said it was good, not great. I think a Nexus 10 is a better deal. For just a bit more you get a far better device, and it's a Nexus, so you get all the updates.


The Nexus 10 may be a better deal, but the keyboard makes a big difference. I own this tablet and find it a useful replacement for my laptop on shorter business trips. I use it extensively to take notes in class and on customer sites. With the keyboard attached I have not needed a case.

As a tablet it's great: responsive, great viewing angles, and lightweight. It did not come with a bunch of bloatware. I also own a Nexus 7, and as far as I can tell there is not a lot of difference between this tablet and "stock" Android. It runs Jellybean, though it hasn't gotten the 4.2.2 release yet.

Yours for what its worth...


It's a refurb, without the dock (And that took some attentive detective work). Woot has been selling this model with the dock for $330. I bought one last time out and strongly suspect they have more to sell. Might be wishful thinking but perhaps the 700 model coming up soon???
I'd suggest patience on a trigger pull.


This is better than the 700 model aside from hd display. I don't care about specs or reviews. I'm talking from personal experience