dealsadmission to anheuser-busch parks for military…


Must be currently active to register, also the hero does not have to go with the dependents


Having served 6 years active duty, I appreciate every single business that extends special offers to me and my family.


This is a great deal, when I lived in San Antonio we would take advantage every year. Anheuser-Busch has been doing this since 2002(I think) and aside from a free day of fun, it's always nice to feel that appreciation for the military, especially from such a large corporation.


What kind of human debris down-votes this?


Except they are no longer Anheuser-Busch Parks, they are under Sea World Parks and Entertainment, a subsidiarity of The Blackstone Group. They still have a partnership in place to the parks and keep their names and the "Hears to the Heroes" promotion. Oddly enough Blackstone Group also has a major stake in Universal Studios and Legoland.


@ratmotor: I would guess some non-military person who's pissed off they can't get in for free. Like you said: human debris.


Everyone should rejoice that our military gets this deal. Such a small thing for their sacrifice. Thanks for posting!


This deal is awesome and well deserved. My brother, his wife, and kids took advantage of it before he went to Afghanistan for a year. It's really sad that someone would down this, but it's wonderful that so many of us appreciate their service and sacrifices.


If you voted this down you are[wedit. removed]. Thank you for everything members of the US military!


My wife and I used to use this deal when I was in the military. I was always thankful for the few companies that helped military and their families out.

For you that down voted this you have every right to not support the war but show a little appreciation for the men and women in the military, if it wasn't for them you wouldn't be able to down vote deals. Heck there probably wouldn't even be a deals.woot website.


Not available to retired military :-( But I can't complain: this was a great deal, and one that I got to take advantage of a few times.