dealssony ericsson bluetooth phone remote liveview…


Because its so much trouble to pull out my phone, I need to wear brick on my wrist. I'd buy this just for owning Sony's epic fail.


@akaflavor: Do you have one of these things? Did yours ever ... work? I'm sorry to be downvoting your deal, but after blowing a similar amount of money on mine a while back, I really can't recommend it at any price. Even for tech-savvy people, even if you know your way around Android and even if you're just getting it to play with, it's a waste of $30.

I got one of these, figuring it would be at least a fun toy to play with, but it is phenomenally unreliable. It gets unpaired, it won't re-pair, it kills its batteries never succeeding. Some phones will require you to manually re-pair when it reconnects (which is multiple times per day). Probably the only reason to get this is if you wanted to harvest the OLED screen for a project (but even that is notably low res). Not worth $30.