dealsrefurbished western digital elements 3tb usb 2.0…


"WD quality inside and out.
Designed with the same commitment to quality that made WD external drives the number one selling drives in the world."

That's funny because every WD hard drive I've ever owned was a piece of crap and stopped working after a year or so (or whenever the warranty expired).


Wow, this is a great price. I've had the 1TB version for over three years without the slightest problem....I may just have to upgrade to this.


I have a half a dozen of these, in from one to 3TB sizes. Never a problem with any of them, the oldest are 3 years old, maybe four.

I'm in for one, I just paid a bit over $100 for a two.


Seriously? Would you rather the quality and reliability of a Seagate? Now THAT'S funny!


Bestbuy, OfficeMax, and OfficeDepot are all showing the new WD 3TB USB3 for $169.99. I'm not sure if the savings of $33 is enough for me to go with a refurb.