dealsmagnetic refrigerator calendar - month for $36.95


Wow. I almost want this. This is really a nice one. I love whiteboards; they help me to keep track of all sorts of things. Thanks for posting this one.


I have one I bought at WalMart and, although it's not magnetic, I could have put magnetic strips on it I suppose. I used the removable 3M tabs (like they use for those neat little hooks) to hang mine... and it's the size of my freezer door.

I now have a Blackberry that I use instead of keeping up with that... but... it was wonderful when I needed it.


I really like this too... but I don't know about price gauging. Is it normal to pay $37 for a quality magnetic calendar?


Seems a little pricey... Put it this way: If you saw this in WalMart for $37, would you buy it?


The bad thing about single month calendars is what to do when you're spanning months. Say I were to make an appointment today (4/28) for next week (5/5). Where would I put it? It can get very messy very fast.

On my fridge, I use a traditional 12 month calendar with a magnetic strip on it.


I don't have one on my fridge, but I do have a small whiteboard. I use it for reminders, and erase items that I'm done with. I have a blackberry, and I have online calendars as well, but there are some things that are nice to just write down, where they are a constant nagging reminder (until they get taken care of).


I just write on the refrigerator with a whiteboard marker. Doesn't everybody do that?