dealslogitech m305 wireless mouse blue swirl 910…


Sorry for the add-on comment, but just noticed the Logitech is: refurbished.

Wish it was mentioned in the deal.
Not as good as a price as I thought.


@eviloverlord333: Don't forget to include shipping and tax. Our deal is free shipping and tax only in IL.


If only your checkout or the Google checkout worked in Chrome.


@egagroupusa: do you have any mouses with black triangle designs on them?


@w00tgurl: are you referring to the Dark Aces style? We do not have those but we do have Brand New for a few more bucks: Indigo Scroll (Blue/Gold) Victorian Wallpaper, Pink, Jet Black. All in stock and ready to be shipped out.


You can pick up Gear Head Mouse, with nano (the tiny USB) at Big Lots for $12. They work great for me!