dealsthe legend of zelda: four swords anniversary…


Awesome! Always loved the game! Does it have internet multiplayer or just local multiplayer?


I still gave this an upvote but it sucks this is for the DSi or newer system. I have a old fashion DS and it won't work for me.


looks like it has multiplayer, I'm always willing to give an upvote to free video games


I've got 4 Swords on my GBA, that's the last time I played it. This will be cool to try though, since I've got a few friends with 3DSes :-D


This title has local wireless multiplayer and is an enhanced port of the Game Boy Advance version of LoZ: Four Swords. From the original release, they've added a few bonus stages and modes not present in the last iteration. It's pretty fun...also, it's FREE!!! ^_^


Just got done playing it on single player, and it's just as good as I remember it on the Gameboy. Pretty cool.


@segafanalways: Hmm. Based on your name.. BETRAYER! DC forever!

But yeah, me too. Still have the Day One DS.


@segafanalways: Yours lacks the tech to handle a download/storage of a game. Don't blame them you're five years behind the tech curve.


Excellent. I only got to play Four Swords once. After Pokémon died down, not many of my friends played the same games I did, so multiplayer wasn't common activity.

My 3DS is very happy.

My 11/21/2004 DS is happy, but in a retirement sort of way. A DS Lite took over for it sometime in 2008.


According to the site, it's local wireless multiplayer only.


Dear Nintendo,

This is great and all, but I am still waiting for new releases for my Virtual Boy. I'm getting tired of the same 14 titles, can we get on that please.



Oh no! My DSi is a Japanese one, and I can't read Japanese, so the WiFi on it has never been set up. :[

Upvoted anyway, hopefully I can figure it out before the deal goes away.


No love for the Wii users?


@starknightgoku: I have an xbox 360 that is 6 year old tech and it can download or play anything available for that console including the Kinnect which is new tech.

I blame Nintendo for coming out with a new version of their console every year. DS, DS lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS and here in a year or less they are redesigning the 3DS to have 2 analog sticks. It is annoying to have to try and get a new one every year when it will be obsolete in less then a year. If you come out with a redesign everything should be still be compatible with the older version. If not, rename the thing to make it a new system not a redesign.


@segafanalways: I also blame Nintendo for making products that I want to spend my hard earned money to upgrade.

The DS carts are compatible with the 3DS. Many of their handheld systems retain compatibility with the previous generation until game manufacturers stop making those games. ex. DS and DS Lite continued to be able to play Gameboy Advance.

I still frequently play the original NES (Guerrilla War FTW!) No reason to throw out a classic.


@segafanalways: I second what Zap said. Also, the original DS came out in 2004. The Lite was a mere redress of the original (it added no new just looked better.) The DSi, which came out in 2009 - FIVE years after the original - added the ability to download games and take photos while losing the ability to play GameBoy cartridges. The DSi XL (2010) was identical to the DSi, just larger. Before the XL came out, information about the 3DS was already public.

The 3DS, which came out just half a year ago, retained all of the abilities of the DSi. It has expanded capability in the download front, can play a new type of cartridge while remaining backward-compatible with the original 2004 DS, and can display in 3D. This type of developement is expected of new technology. Nintendo is doing very well, actually, to retain compatibility for so long. The iPod Touch and iPhone first came out in 2007 and even by their THIRD year they were leaving the old models in the dust.