dealsfallout new vegas - playstation 3 for $9.99…


This is one hell of a game. I have it already, but if you do not, get it now it is priced great.


Be careful, Best Buy may not beable to fill this order like they did right before christmas...


Just bought one. All my friend at my work talk about how awesome this game is and now it is so cheap I would be stupid to not buy it! Yay!


They should call this game “Timewarp” because you’ll start playing it and wonder where the time went, when you finally take a bathroom break 6 hours later. See also: Skyrim


They're likely clearing out inventory to make room for Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, due out Feb 7, 2012.

The Ultimate Edition is $50, but includes all the DLC for the game, including:

Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues
Lonesome Road
Courier's Stash
Gun Runners' Arsenal

Buying all the DLC individually would run you $46 total, so the Ultimate Edition will be a good value for completists.


Kind of a letdown compared to Fallout 3, but amazing nonetheless. Great buy at 10 bux


One of my favorite games. I played through it on the PS3 and had maybe 3 times where I had a hard crash that required a restart.


Picked it up ... You really can't go wrong a brand new game for 10 bucks.. Just started playing it.. Not bad for a 2 year old game...


Alright, now I need a great deal on a PS3...


Great game, great price, great deal, thanks!