dealscuisinart sbc-1000 blend & cook soup maker for…


Who does this? If you're already going to go to the trouble of making your own soup... You're probably not going to be using some gadget anyway, ha.

Personally haven't even bought $79 worth of soup in my lifetime...


@appoaf: As I said in the description, this may be an answer in search of a problem. An interesting gadget - maybe there is another use for it beyond soup?

I can tell you I likely spent a few hundred dollars on soup just as an undergraduate student. However, we had really good soup available for only a couple bucks a bowl.


@lparsons42: I've been intrigued by these but probably won't add to my stash of kitchen gadgets right now. Regardless, I can see where this could be handy for some of those recipes that require you to stir constantly over low heat, yadda yadda. If nothing else, it could free you up to do other things while your Hollandaise sauce is simmering.