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I bought something similar once - now I can't tell for sure if they're the same product or not, but they look the same - but what I bought didn't even work. The microphone didn't pick up sound at all, so when I plugged it into the phone, the person on the other end no longer heard audio coming from me. I only bought it as a novelty so I didn't bother returning it or making a complaint.

YMMV. Again, may not be the exact same product, since this website lists no brand, model numbers, etc. I'm not sure how many cheap retro-mobile phone-headset makers there are out there. Just not sure why anyone would need this.


No. No. No. It's like the hipsters have won.


Need this?¿No...It's just a novelty phone handset so if you use your cell phone at home you can feel like you did back in '84.


I'll have a lot more respect for someone walking down the street talking on this than one of those tools with the borg earpiece who looks like he's talking to his imaginary friend.


this is retro already? i feel old now.


@kamikazeken: 10 to 1 they ARE talking to an imaginary friend. You used to have to find a strung out crazy bum to see that wacky behavior.


Anyone else notice that is selling this today too....For $5 more!


This website is a joke... The old everything cost more to ship then it does to buy... This isn't ebay people... Just sell the product for what you want to sell it for. I added 1 phone handset and 13 (accident) of those non-slip dashboard things and my total in the cart was $17 and shipping was $64+.

Disgraceful and down voted with pleasure!


No way a hot chick like that would use one of these....


@freakvault: That hot chick has huge "man hands". Photoshop?


@freakvault: I was at an airport bar waiting for my flight and there was definitely a hot chick who was using one of these.

This was about 3 months ago and was the first time I had seen one.


Made the mistake of buying one of these - VERY cheaply made, and did not work. At least they took it back with no problem, but I would rather have just skipped the whole thing. Not worth the hassle.


@griz13: Why did you buy it in the first place is my question.


Over Half Sale's shipping is terrible thus far. Ordered on 4/22/12, notified of "shipped" status on 4/26/12. Checking tracking info now, it shows that USPS received "electronic shipping info" on 4/27/12 but not actually accepted at the first physical location until 5/2/12. It is still nowhere close to my state yet.

It is on pace to be (over) 2 weeks to receive an item whose shipping costs almost as much as the item itself. I almost wish I didn't have this random impulse buy to still worry about waiting to have it delivered...