dealsusb - rechargeable - aa batteries - got see it…


Quick Overview
Batteries are an annoying, yet indispensible, part of modern life.

but it looks as if the usb port is directly attached to the battery. Do they come off? I would hope so since that would make it very difficult to put in my camera...


CORRECTION! There is a CAP that goes over the USB port and that acts as the upper half of the battery. Has anyone else used these? I just don't know about $0.99 batteries... even recharagable one.


Don't forget to use the coupon ocde WooHoo! to save like....a couple pennies ;). I was going to be in for 4 but the shipping would be almost $15. No way am I buying them now.


Interesting deal. Not sure why so many products assume we want to use USB to charge everything, though. It means you need to always have your computer on (and charge things there, instead of where you might want to have them charging, e.g. on nightstand) or purchase your own USB->120V adapter. Particularly true in this case where you need one per battery...

On the other hand, interesting concept to not have to lug around a charger if you had these for a digital camera on a trip or whatever.


Scratch that!!! 14.00 for shipping!?!?!?! they cant explain y????

Sorry guyz I did not see that.


Shipping is (I believe) $4 per set. It's still not bad given what rechargeable batteries cost. And you don't even have to buy a charger for them.
Thinking about going in for 2.