deals$1.50 off any reynolds wrap tin foil coupon for…


Is this coupon good for aluminum foil?


@ratmotor: HA! Must be another one of the Canadian slang words my mother raised me with, like Garborator or Chesterfield! 28 years and that's what it's called! :)


@mommyleah: It's still tin foil to this old fart. Who and when did it change to aluminum foil?


@mommyleah: Actually, don't they spell and pronounce it ALUMINIUM in Canada (and in British Englilsh)?


Will this work on my tin foil cap?


1) tell your friend to say "TEN" ten times...
2) now ask them what ALUMINUM foil is made of...
3) laugh at them.

4) ask them to spell "MOP"
5) ask them to spell "CROP"
6) ask them to spell "SHOP"
7) ask them what they do when they come to a GREEN light.
8) laugh at them again.

9) run away before they punch you.