dealslawson hammock for $39.98


Nice price, but I'd feel like I was on a serving platter for a bear if I slept in one of those things.


I don't know, bears are pretty health-conscious being forest dwellers and all. Not sure they'd go for pre-packaged dinners.


Nice! 4 at a store near me, I'll be picking up one tomorrow. And yes, they said the price is correct. Thanks the18thtee84


Well, I broke down and bought one, ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU CAN SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 25%!! Apply: BONUS25


BTW, price is $29.99 after discount code BONUS25. If the code doesn't work, try again, or try another browser. It acted stubborn on me at first. Shipping is $7.50 if you buy just one.


as an cheapskate outdoorsy person, this thing would be treated as a toy and not much more. It's too heavy for a backpacking standard, quite uncomfortable with the low ceiling, and probably won't last more than a few trips with not much substantiation of "waterproof" etc. If you're serious about going outdoor, I'd advise investing <150 for a real tent instead of junking this down the road.


Hammocks are incredible, enough said.


For some reason I am unable to save my billing and shipping addresses... I created an account but can't buy the tent online because of that issue... :(


Bummer. Try a different browser? Install Firefox or Chrome if you don't have one, they're good and they're free, and they don't shove Bing down your throat like Internet Explorer!

The only other thing I can think of is you don't have cookies enable, or are entering an address not recognized by the postal system, or it is trying to give you a pop-up window but you have pop-ups disable. You would then see an exclamation or something in a colored bar across the top of your browser if that was the case, asking you to allow the pop-up or not.

Good luck.


had no problems with the coupon and it looks like it has gotten good ratings. its $130 right from the company so i would say this is a steal


Many thanks for this find. Me & the kids will be enjoying them this spring.


@karlsworld: TY! I had to get a pair for me and my camping friend and the bonus was the seller :-) Heh, I tried to backtrack and enter the bonus after I had almost finished checkout and though it would show the discount the final 'place order' total was wrong...I finally just cleared the shopping cart, closed the browser, and started over this time entering the code BEFORE beginning final checkout and all worked well.


4.25lbs is a little heavy for backpacking, but not terrible. On the plus side, I've found sleeping in a hammock MUCH more comfortable then the ground on a camping pad. Also, in my area at least, finding two trees to hang this is probably easier then suitable flat ground for a tent. If I had an extra $40 to spend I'd be in for one.


No pricing error, and BONUS25 worked fine.
The Scoutstuff website is clunky, though. but I was able to do it in IE 7, after trying unsuccessfully with Chrome.
First, create an account and log in. Second, search for the item 24196. You can order several. You have to add your address before you can check out.


"Regular Price $79.88"

So I think the orders should go through.. probably not a pricing error.


and it's dead. 404 not found. Hope the ones that ordered got one, but this looks like they'll be cancelling the orders to me.


@jonw: It was under the "Closeouts" section, where many of the other items are also on sale for 50% off. This hammock was originally listed $79.99 on this site, so it was really only listed at a 50% discount. The extra 25% discount was just a bonus for us.

I see no reason why these orders won't go through. Hopefully I'm not wrong.


Bummer, just got an email from them saying my order was canceled. No explanation but I'm guessing that they oversold. Good luck to the rest of you.


@bunnyb0y: i didnt get that email but after about i month i was like wtf and emailed them and then they said they cancelled it from my order. very disappointed