dealsjack link's beef jerky original for $2.99


"Temporarily out of stock."


Other flavors are available for shipping.


When I went to get these for my husband at my local Walgreens, the original flavor had $1.00 peel off coupon attached making them $1.99!


I bought some turkey and some sweet and hot. Btw when will they have another Krave deal on here.. love that jerky.


Whoever posted this, THANK YOU. I eat LOTS of beef jerky, and dont have a walgreens that I go to, so I traveled out of town to head to one and bought 15 bags. Saved me money and now I have a selection! 1.99 a pop, cheapest Ive paid!


@cccrcbosu08: I had to dig through a lot of bags, but I found 2 out of about 30 or so that had those coupons and I got 2 bags for only $1.99 each!! Note - did have to have a Walgreens rewards card to get the $2.99 price.


You guys should definitely check out the local Walmart.
The Peel OFF coupon makes it a killer deal!!
The free shipping at 25$ was too much for me so i check out the local store.
Glad i did.


@cccrcbosu08: Took your advice! Went to my local store last night and hit the motherload! Every bag had $1.00 coupons on it. Needless to say, they are running a little low this morning. I'm set until April 2014!

@wootstheone: Thanks for the post! You saved me $112.50...I owe you a beer!