dealslorex wireless baby monitor with remote viewing…


This isn't much of a deal. It is only $5 more at Amazon (but with free shipping) and it has some pretty awful reviews.


Lorex? any relation to the Lorax?


The camera/monitor set is WONDERFUL. However, I do not have the Skype relay, and the Amazon reviews all seem to hate it. From my own experience, I suggest that anyone interested should still look into the camera/monitor set if you're turned off by the Skype feature.

I have 2-camera version of this set (two cameras and a monitor, without the Skype relay). It is wonderful for my purposes. The cameras are very light weight and very adjustable to allow for wall mounting anywhere. I never knew that they had a Skype option, and I thought that I wanted one...

Now I read the Amazon reviews and see that some people complain about the camera, or the monitor, or setting up the network. But EVERYONE is complaining about the malfunctioning Skype option. Oh well.


@jasoncarvalho: Funny, those reviews come off Lorex's hand picked "Look at our great reviews!" section, and this account was just created today.

I'm not making an opinion on the product. It looks like exactly what I was looking for a year ago, too. I ended up getting one from Lenava so i could stream online, but it requires a computer to even view it at home and it doesn't work with Mac. A bit annoying, but it works.


@jasoncarvalho: Could this be Jason Leo Carvalho, Chief Executive Officer at MarilynJean Media Inc.?

Whatever else this comment may be, it's certainly amusing. :)


^-------what a waste of 3 downvotes to whoever issued those


The point of adding those additional testimonials is to showcase that this product in fact does have a happy customer base. We have quite a few customers in that past that were happy with this product and truly believe it provides a sense of 'peace of mind" for new parents.

If you are a parent and want to recommend an alternative product please do. Feel free to tweet me directly @jcarvy

With that being said, thanks to the WOOT community for their candid feedback.