dealsspeed bench drill press - save $40 for $49.99


Can you use the coupon code in store?


If you don't have a drill press, and don't think you need a larger one, get it. They are incredibly handy to have. I have a much larger Harbor Freight press and use it frequently.


@tsfisch: How is the quality of it? I know I like what little I bought from Harbor Freight, but they've all really been hand tools and I tend to hear iffy things about their electric tools.


@myspaceisacult: They're electric tools are fine. I own a similar model of the drill press and several hand-held electric tools.

If I was using them every day to run a business, doubt they'd hold up; but for use at home they're great.


@getoffmylawn: Yes, came off a flyer I got in the newspaper. I checked and the coupon worked online.


I have one and like it. You should also buy a clamp and/or a vise to hold items steady while drilling.


I bought one of these for my dad a few years ago. Built very well and he likes it just fine. I used it a few times myself. The only drawback (if you think it is a drawback) was that it's not a super high RPM.


I just bought this and although it says it's subject to an additional freight charge it doesn't appear as though I was charged for it. I got flat rate shipping for $6.99 and other than sales tax that's the only additional fee on the receipt.


In for 1. Good online reviews. Total was $60.98 shipped for me in California.


I shop Harbor Freight more often than I care to admit to. No the stuff they carry isn't the highest quality, but at the same time for most of what they carry your paying 1/2 or less of what a similar tool would cost you elsewhere.

Look into the extended warranty for more expensive items. I haven't had to use it yet but I have been told by multiple people when you do have a problem with something and you bought the extended warranty they just swap it out for you then and there.

Personally I would jump on this in a heartbeat, except I'm holding out for a coupon on one of the larger drill presses. They don't send out coupons for certain items (large air compressors, large drill presses, etc...) but if your patient you will eventually find a coupon for anything your looking for at Harbor Freight.


@getoffmylawn: Yes, this can be used in store.
I just went and picked one up on my lunch break, the woman at the register typed the code in and it rang up at $49.99. Then I used part of the savings to buy the 1 year replacement warranty ($6.99, no questions asked exchange. No receipt needed, just my telephone #).
If it couldn't be used in store, the shipping costs would make it no better of a deal then buying in store with the generic "20% off any one item" coupon they always give out

Total price with added warranty and tax: $61.54


@getoffmylawn: Just picked mine up at the local store - they had been marked down to $69.95, so not as good a deal as before, but still a GREAT deal!!!