deals6 piece interlocking cushion floor mat set for…


I bought something from these jerks a while back and they still spam me. Fortunately I use Gmail so a filter now deletes all their garbage before it hits my inbox, but buyer beware... they don't honor opt-outs or unsubscribes.


$18.97 with free ship to store, from a known brand and a known retailer.

This Gold's Gym model also covers 4 square feet more.


Sam's also has an excellent product that has primary colors on ones side and charcoal gray on the other. 33.5 sq ft, .5" thick, $22


Harborfreight has them as well:

They often go on sale with coupon for around $8.


When comparing this to similar items, note that this is only 20 square feet, most others are 24 square feet. Also, no border pieces are included so you will not have smooth edges.


@tantris: Beat me to it! I was opening this just to announce that Harbor Freight normally has them on sale. They are typically 4-packs instead of 6-packs though (still cheaper obviously though).


Are these mats made of lightweight foam like the ones for kids, or are they heavy foam like the ones at the gym?


Bought a similar brand-less set of mats a while back. Soft cushion, ok thickness, but annoying to walk on if you cover large areas. They have a very specific way of never-ever-ever sitting flat or quite locking together right that tells me mine are exactly the same as those they show in the video.

Sufficiently pads exercise equipment to not damage carpet, but that's about all I like to use them for.

Also, they stink. The smell does eventually go away but they smell really funny.


Check for local sales.
I got mine from Pepe boys.
Not the soft squishy exercise set.
The product made for walking, standing and dropping heavy things on.
They came complete with borders.
I've got one square under my feet at the PC.
But when I had it in the bathroom, bare wet feet were kinda slippery.


Yes, they stink!
I bought mine in the summer, washed them with all-purpose-cleaner to get rid of solvents on the surface and then "baked" them outside in the summer sun for almost a week.
Now, they don't stink.