dealsasics g-t3d.1 men’s running shoes & asics gel…


This seems kind of Expensive for a Deal


I supposed it's a deal... I've seen the G-T3D slightly under $100 locally a couple days ago.


Its not a bad price, good running shoes aren't cheap, but its not a great deal either.


never understand why less material costs less. If these were their tennis (tennis the sport) shoe, I would say ok, since it would save $10-20.


These would look good with those orange Bonobo pants.


@andrasko15: Because running shoes need to actually give you proper support perhaps? Just like Tennis shoes need to provide lateral support. $100 for real running shoes is actually a good price.


The fact that we've reached a time where we'd believe that "$100 for real running shoes is actually a good price" seems absurd to me. My cousin works for a shipping company and worked a claim for a missing shipping of Nike Air Jordans years ago. He had to fight and fight with Nike to get the "actual" cost of each unit that was lost. When he finally got the amount he discovered why they were so reluctant to release the cost. They were literally about $3-5 each to manufacture (regardless of the "model").
I'm not saying the $100 might not be a "good deal" compared to the prices of other shoes on the market but the fact that these shoes likely carry a 1000-2000% mark up make them NOT a "good" price by any rational measurement.


Retail price on these the G-T3D line is 139.99...
Not exactly a deep discount but it's something nevertheless.


@robertoz: Yeah, if it was Nike, I would guess that most of the price goes to the spokespeople promoting the shoes but I don't know if Asics even does that.

As Flight of the Conchords put it: "Why are we paying so much for sneakers when you got them made by little slave kids, what are your overheads?"


I've wanted the pink ones for awhile, getting $30 off is the incentive I need. I won't run in anything but Asics.


After my issues with another company, this makes me feel a little better about ordrering from finishline.


the most expensive shoes I have are my running shoes...I'd have to be familiar with this model before if I already owned or tried on a pair and know they offer the fit I need.