dealsthe flash: the complete series [dvd] for $9.39


Cheesy 90s TV at its best! This is one of those shows that you either love or hate. If you enjoy shows like Max Headroom and the 80s-90s Batman movies, you're sure enjoy this TV series. It's a shame that it didn't last longer. $10 is as cheap as I've ever seen it too. It's well worth it if you enjoy this type of show.


Instructions unclear, accidentally exposed genitals to nuns in a park


It did have the same vibe as the old Hulk Reruns at the time, just with slicker production values. Maybe my memory isn't what it should be but I seem to recall almost all the scenes taking place at night


Great Price! if you are a fan of comics and a fan of the Flash its a pretty entertaining show.
At this price its a total steal! Its $48 at BestBuy and $39 at Amazon.


This deal is still on.
I think it dies at midnight.
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