dealscomplimentary chips & queso @ chili's


lol, how many times will this get posted? although, I does likes dee cheeps and sowlsuh


Not much of a deal at all..

Just walk in, and ask. They will give them to you free everday.

At least around here they do..

jus sayin'


Chips and salsa are free, but ours charges for the queso. Still nothing to get excited about.


@scootergptx: ya they'll all charge for the "queso", but i find it hard to eat any of that stuff. even the salsa is salty! ATTN CHILIS: IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE SALSA NOT SALTSA


It'd be a deal if they paid me to eat it. But as is, it's just not worth free.


This is for their Queso, not their salsa. I for one enjoy their queso but I don't like that it's almost $5. Thanks for the deal!


not worth a trip to Chili's.


@pinchecat: Saltsa sounds like a brand name salsa marketed specifically to bars to get their patrons to ingest lots of salt so they drink more.


hey tools :)

1) when something like an ad/coupon has a * symbol, it means something.. in this case at the bottom, the * says with purchase.

2) the chips and salsa have been $2.99 or $3.99 for a long time now. They haven't been free since 1998. The queso (cheese dip) and chips is usu around $7-8. so a good deal, but again they aren't free unless you make a purchase or sumthin'. This deal used to be without purchase- so you could just walk in and get some, but that deal is gone, brother ;)


@mschr123: If we're tools, can I at least be a hammer?


The intestinal issues you get later are still free.


The chips and salsa thing is pretty much always free just by using FourSquare. this on the other hand is better, yummy queso.


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