dealseastwood and chair 2012 poster - 19x13 for $3.80


Anyone but the current candidates.


Not to be nit-picky but...the "chair" represented Obama, so this doesn't even make sense...


As my sister paraphrased Bruce Lee, "Chairs don't hit back."


@kjlane: Think about the empty chair, you can figure it out. YOU CAN DO IT!


Chair certainly can't do a worse job than the current Veep. I'm reasonable certain that Chair is not as stupid as the current veep as well.
@Akjlane: @j0hnlind:


Let's see, unemployment above 8%, dept over $16T, home values dropping, gas prices soaring, college tuition soaring, poverty level soaring, don't take responsibility and blame everyone else. A chimpanzee could do better.


I thought Eastwood was disagreeing with the chair - he was yelling at it after all. Wouldn't a vote for Eastwood + Chair be a vote for gridlock?

Can I just vote for two chairs instead, so we at least have two that agree with each other (even if with nobody else)?


@kamikazeken: You know the Chair is supposed to be Obama right? I'm guessing not cause if you did, it'd be a strange post.


@first2summit Look, an Obama apologist trying to deflect blame from the fearless leader by saying someone just doesn't understand the economy...While it is not solely his fault, he does need to shoulder a huge amount of the blame as he has done nothing but spend more money to address the issues and nothing has changed, it has steadily gotten worse.


@sdflash: Saying the poor economy is Obama's fault shows you really don't know anything. First, the recession and bad economy came from Bush's administration. The global problems and Europe is party because of the bad bonds but also from many more issues like generous pensions against a climbing higher life expectancy.

The spending more money is due to stimulus spending. To put it simply, in a recession where people aren't buying because of unemployment and they are unsure of the future so they're saving and companies are hiring because people aren't buying. The stimulus spending gets companies hiring and those employed start buying, and so on.

What you and others failed to understand is that without it, the recession would have been much worse.

I'm not an apologist. I have an understanding of economics and I'm explaining basic macro econ 101 to you guys. You're welcome.


To help you understand the stimulus spending, take off your Democrat/Republican/Tea Party/Independent hat and think like this. Remember, it's one of the worst recessions in a long time.

You're a consumer - unemployment is high so you're either unemployed or you're not confident of the future so you've decreased spending and saving more, just in case. WHAT WILL GET YOU BUYING AGAIN?

You're a businessman - you've probably already laid off people to match your current sales. You're not going to hire any more until sales go up. WHAT WILL GET YOU HIRING PEOPLE AGAIN?

Gov spends money on pub works programs which means they hire companies who then buy raw materials and hire people who then go to buy and spend which then encourages other companies to buy materials and hire people, etc. This is nothing new as it's been done to pull us out of the Depression and other recessions.

Chapter two in macro econ 101.


"macro econ 101", eh? My favorite lesson, a one minute animation:


Romney supporters:

This post is not intended an insult, or invitation to screaming match, but a simple request for insight from a curious, independent observer:

1. How do you square Romney's condemnation of Affordable Care Act with his championing of the MA equivalent (which, as a MA resident, I think has been working just fine)?

2. How do you feel about the "You didn't build that" nonsense? It is clearly a quote knowingly taken out of context and exploited to become, essentially, a large part of the campaign. Do you not find it disingenuous?

3. What about the RNC speeches (Ryan's, particularly), widely exposed as misleading and filled with blatant falsehoods?

Again, I'm not an Obama zealot, just curious. The Dems don't seem to pull as many blatantly false character attacks. Are you guys just going with what you see as the "lesser of two evils," and willing to overlook this sort of stuff? Does it not give you a queasy feeling?


@first2summit: Is that how Reagan did it? And it worked for him? Put on your history cap!


@dupedyetagain: Blatant falsehoods? According to who? "I'm not biased, I just like bashing Republicans". All politicians lie, just don't vote for the biggest liar.


@first2summit: If you really knew anything about politics, you would remember that it all started when the socialist retards took over congress in 2007. I guess the 4% unemployment under Bush was just a fluke, huh? Oh right, you were still in the crib back then. Another great tax cutter was JFK, but that was back when your grandparents were still in the crib.


@tooter1952: I don't discriminate in my scuzzball-bashing, thank you, I just find the Romney campaign's contradictions particularly troublesome.

As far as the blatant falsehoods, it was nearly universally reported.

Fox News:

Washington Post:

Nonpartisan "":


USA Today:

Either all of these media outlets are lying, or Ryan is.

And, seriously, there is absolutely no argument to be made whatsoever that the "you didn't build that" rubbish is anything but knowing falsehood.


@dupedyetagain: How did you build your business? Were you smart? Nope, lots of smart people. You worked hard? No, lots of hard-working folks. Then how? Government, obviously. Roads and bridges. And teachers. When taken in context, it's actually a lot more offensive.


Washington Post? Far left.
Salon? Even further to the left. Absolutely not "non-partisan".
USA Today? Quotes the left-leaning
Fox News? It's an article by Sally Kohn, a "community organizer" and self-described "Progressive".

All of these are unabashedly in the tank for Obama.


@dupedyetagain: All those links are about Ryan. Last time I checked, he was running for VP. I'd consider him an upgrade over the current model. At least he didn't create the internet. All they can pin to Romney as he gave some guy a bad haircut which the guy's family said didn't happen and that he put the dog in a carrier on the roof of their car. Big whoop-DE-do. Is that all they got. Looks like they'll need to work on the "M" Factor to further their character assassination.


Even 3.80 is a bit much for a poster that in a year people will say, "What?" to.


I think somebody misunderstood the point here.


@first2summit: You left out a little gov't stimulus plan called World War ll.