dealsharry potter wizard's collection [31 discs…


Over 50% one star reviews on Amazon,

The major complaint seems to be the fact that only the first two contain the extended scenes, the other 6 are just the normal versions, no matter that they air the extended scenes on TV from time to time...


31 Discs is a bit of a stretch...almost as much of a stretch as the "$500 original price" they claim..


The Ultimate Editions are the same way,. I ended up buying them all @ $19.99/ea over time-- but disappointed that only the first 2 has extended editions.


this set is awful, it has 31 discs because it has the no frills edition of each movie in each format (no extended scenes and you won't use around 20 of the discs (since they're dvd instead of blu-ray))

wait till they release a real set with the extended editions (just like lord of the rings)


sonofab*tch. If I'd waited 2 months I would have saved $50. Crap.

Almost ALL of the 1 star reviews are from people who DIDN'T buy the product. Take with a grain of salt. I have all of the content from the Ultimate Edition releases, plus a ton of extras, for less than it would cost to buy each Ultimate Edition as it came out.

Good Deal. Great set. From someone who owns it.


I guess this was only for yesterday....


UltraViolet digital copies blow.