dealsthe everyday gourmet: rediscovering the lost art…


This is better than youtube, how?


YouTube is a great tool for various cooking practices; however, this course was designed for individuals looking to master every cooking practice. Chef Bill Briwa not only shows you how to cook, but challenges you to think about food in new ways.


I've been around TGC for some time now. This particular course is ranked very favorably (no need to link to the reviews, they are at the bottom of the page of this offer). As noted, in contrast to YouTube it will prove to be a much more disciplined approach to learning the craft of cooking, and will be suited for those committed to pursuing an orderly, nicely detailed over-view of the culinary arts.
That said: The $59.99 price is for the downloadable video with the PDF version the companion book, and $69.99 +shipping for the DVD version and softcover book. These are REGULAR 'sale' prices.
While I do not mind downloading video (they also have a decent steamer on their web site), I prefer not to read in PDF. And, though they are very liberal with their downloading policy, before you can download a copy of your licensed purchase you are forced to accept a download of Akamai software with it's corresponding licensing agreement. This is a third party agreement I'd prefer not to welcome.


This is not a "deal". The prices are exactly the same as offered in the promotional catalog, and the "discount" is exactly the same as every other comparably priced "course".