deals36 stink bombs-just in time for spring highjinks…


In the OP's description it says it could be used for "political rallies".


Not cool to use on people who are gathering and peacefully protesting with no violence. (underscore non-violent and peaceful protest).


Yeah, there's already enough "stink" at politcal rallies without adding any more.


You say "highjinks" and I'm all in !


I was at a concert when someone set one of these off. It was pretty lame.


Coupon code is only needed if you buy 2

Good price only if you cant get them local


Oh, the memories of these from high school...

Favorite was history class, friend (and I, I guess) broke one in the class. Teacher acted cool but was very obvious steamind and moved class outside into the quad area under the trees. All was good until about 10 minutes later a bird crapped on his head! Was very hard to look him in the eyes for the rest of the year without almost cracking up though he never knew it was us that did it.

Heard like 10 years later from a neighbor kid that he would tell that story as a reward as his most embarrassing experience lol. Felt a little more empathy then.


Why do I need these when I have my ass and Starbucks coffee?