dealsnorad santa tracker for $0.00 + free shipping


NOOOooooo.... it's too early for Santa!!!! I'm not ready yet.

Thanks though for the tracker. Makes it easier than blocking off the fireplace too early to keep the little fat man in the red suit out ;) Now I know exactly where he's going to be. With this I can make sure I get the cookies and carrots out (for the reindeer of course) and the little ones off to bed in time.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all!


Now, hypothetically, if someone were to target Santa's Sleigh with Surface-to-Air missiles, would said sleigh have enough of a radar signature to provide a target?


Who downvotes Santa or Norad? Tsk, tsk. No presents for you.


@jockovonred: Works every year to get ours in bed - "look- Santa's in Canada - hurry! Off to bed!" They love tracking him along the way.