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wheres the D Bag who always has to put in his famous quote... "you get what you pay for" regarding harbor freight tools?

Ill admit they arent the best, but they do the job atleast once and have a decent return policy on the crap they sell..


Their tools have helped me make money several times. I usually get their higher end Pittsburgh Pro line of tools.


I love that place. I use their heat guns in my business. I can get them for less than $15. Sure they only last 1/4th as long as the $150 "pro" models but it's still cheaper for me to buy 1/2 dozen and throw them away when they burn up.


@azvinnie: Ditto with the angle grinders. One of my dad's co-workers has 4 of the $10-grade angle grinders, each with a different disc. It's faster to just swap the grinder than it is the disc, and the combined price was still less than one of the major brand ones.

By dividing the work across 4 units, none are "overworked" as much either. 14 months and counting, all still running.


As an employee for 3 years, I must warn you, do not buy their products and expect them to work.


I don't expect the stuff to last, but it generally works for as long as I need it to - it's not Starret, Proto, Fein, or Bosch, but I really didn't have more than one use in mind for those three bottle jacks anyway. ;-)

There is a place in the world for cheap import crap tools, and there's also a place in the workshop for premium tools - buy either as you see fit. Besides, if you enjoy tinkering with machine tools, you can often improve fit and function of vises, clamps, etc. to the point where you can't tell the difference between bottom-end and mid-grade.

ps - I do take the warning labels on HF/NT/WTT/etc. gear seriously, as I've seen a bit of it simply fail in moderate use.


Recently I purchased a drywall hoist from HF. It was $100 less than Home Depots model, so I'm thinking I can't go wrong. WRONG! The very first piece I lifted snapped the cable when it was 8 feet in the air. It came crashing down and missed my head by centimeters. I took the hoist back to HF, with the intention of getting another. The only other one they had in stock had a broken cable. Go figure. I got a refund, ordered one from Home Depot, and haven't had any trouble at all with it. Moral of the story: Cheap tools have their place, but when you are using a tool where life and limb depends on it, spend a few extra bucks for quality.


Depending on what is bought, many automotive magazines will have a full page dedicated to Harbor Freight coupons. Their "sales" are never-ending. I have bought my fair share of things from them, and the vast majority has been alright. Simple things such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and if you're feeling adventurous jacks and jackstands (I have not seen one fail yet..keep the last operative in mind). Their upright toolboxes really aren't bad in comparison to lower end Craftsman or Kobalt stuff. Is this Williams, Proto, Indestro, SK, or even (gag) Snap-On? Nope. none of their hand tools are that quality, although I will say I've had a "pittsburgh pro" line of open/box wrenches that have taken plenty of abuse from hammers and cheater bars to break stubborn bolts/nuts free. All are in solid shape. One major thing to consider are the Taiwanese tools vs. Chinese. I have seen much better service out of Taiwanese, and Indian made tools. Still love old US made ones the most.


I have a Harbor Freight near me and have bought tons of stuff at it over the years. In general I've been very pleased with it and most stuff has worked great. I've never had trouble with anything with a motor. Really, the only 2 types of products which I've not had the best luck with:
1) Anything that relies on a sharp metal edge. Their metals don't seem to stay sharp very long (or come sharp to begin with). If you can get replacement blades, that's fine, but some stuff that's the whole function of the tool - to be sharp metal.
2) Anything that relies on plastic parts to be strong structural support. Their plastics seem to be more brittle/less durable than brand-name competitors.