deals99 must-have mozart masterpieces: mp3 download…


99 Mozart pieces? Excellent recordings? Terrific orchestras and musicians?

An auto-buy if there ever was one.

If you have any doubts, see the amazon reviews.


I would hope than an MP3 download would have free shipping


Child prodigy, death in an unmarked grave, amazing music, $1.99!? Beethoven and Back are turning in their graves as we speek!


Just don't trust the whole "make babies listen to Mozart and they'll be geniuses" thing, it sure didn't work for me.


I am going to get my mozart on up in this club! hellz ya!


Amazon sucks so bad. I made the purchase, now I have to use some Cloud player or Downloader. I don't want to "borrow" the music I purchased on some Could player. The Downloader won't install. What a letdown. They should be ashamed.....sad face for Amazon.


I've got 99 Must-Have Mozart Masterpieces, but a bitch ain't one.


@jhonnydangerously1: You can download from the cloud player. Click on the Albums tab, then you will see an icon on the album for choices. Click "download" and it's on that (and any other) computer you desire. Easy peasy.


This deal is still live, and I did confirm that this qualifies you for an additional 15 GB of Amazon Cloud Storage for one year (total of 20 GB). So, you get 99 classic Mozart pieces and 15 GB of cloud storage for less than 2 bucks. What's not to like?