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Leakfrogs should have their own theme music. And maybe a Saturday morning cartoon.


These things actually work! I bought 2 back about 4-5 years ago on Woot and threw one under the kitchen sink. Long story short, it saved my butt when the drain pipe cracked and started leaking back by the wall.

All said, the cost of this leak frog and a new J pipe from home depot was a lot less than if I didn't know about the leak and had to fix water damage and possibly deal with a mold situation!

Highly recomended!


This works great, I bought it several years ago and it came in handy several times including Hurricane Sandy. Hubby didn't think we needed to buy it but was glad I did because it sure works great. We were able to find sources of entry and prevent damages.


The discription states about the OLD DAYS of woot, I wish the old days were back, WOOT! is loosing it's appeal to me. I remember when the first thing I did when I got up was check the WOOT, and if it was a wootoff I checked constantly all day, and prayed for a BAG OF CRAP!. Now I hardly find anything that I can't live without.


@mrcleanjamie: Points deducted for misspelling: 'description', 'losing'
But you are correct about the lameness of the new Woot! - I rarely purchase anything here now, despite the plethora of items posted daily.



Now to just find those flush-lights again......


@mrcleanjamie: Now, now, Mr. Jamie. It's Jello Day! Surely that's something to be happy about... Will you take your pills for Nurse Ratchit?


How long does a battery last in these things? Also, does it beep when the battery goes low like a smoke detector?


@yeller: I bought these in '06 and I think I've only changed the batteries twice. And, yes, they beep for a long time when the battery's dying. Just found that out. We went crazy once trying to find water where the leak frog was sitting.


YAY! Leak Frogs! As I was sweeping water in my basement 3 weeks ago (furnace humidifier drain clog) I swore I'd get some Leak Frogs the next time I saw them. They appeared shortly thereafter on Home.woot. I received them yesterday! They are so cute, I just wish they went "ribbit, ribbit" instead of "beeeeeeeppppp".


Are these identical to the original Leak Frogs? They, if I am reading things correctly, are made by Ideative and not by Leak Frog.

They have a model number of LF002B as opposed to the original LF001. It's possible the "1" and "2" represent how many are in the package but it could also mean it's a different model.

Does anyone know the quality of these new units as opposed to the original?


@jnissel: They are precisely the same. I have some from the first time they showed up on Woot, and have purchased some almost every time since. I also bought some from an alternative site back when I wanted to give them as a gift to a new homeowner. I love them. Trust your friends. Just buy them.

I've seen the single use packages, and yes, the "2" appears to refer to the number of frogs.

The battery life is phenomenal. I've replaced batteries in precisely one frog, and I have seven of them deployed (some of them since 2006).

Leakfrogs are wonderful. Everyone needs them.


@shrdlu: Thank you for the information. Based on what you said I bought 3 two packs.


Yeah these things are great but weren't they like $6 way back when?


So happy these appeared. I bought some boring leak detectors on Amazon a while back, but need many more. I have them by the washing machine and behind the fridge, but I want to put them under every sink and by all of the AC units. In for 3.


Here's a link to one of the originals (and $14.99 for two, even in 2007).

I provide this for the link to the ever wonderful "Song of the Leak Frog" and for the reference to everyone's best friend, @TheFlounder.


I approve of Leak Frogs.

Please note that Leak Frogs are also useful with your third cousin, Joe, for detection of spilled beer and other leakages.


For all those asking for the original leakfrog song, here is the link to the song back on November 20th 2007! (Remember when woot used to do cool stuff like this? too.)


@btalarczyk: That is awsome love that song. I miss the old WOOT too.


I love leak frogs. Leak frogs by my water heater. Leak frogs by my pumps in the crawl space - that one actually saved me quite a bit of money. Frogs by all my sinks. If water can leak I have a frog. In fact, I just came across a pack of unopened frogs yesterday. Must have been a woot-off special I bought a 3-pack of.


The leak frogs I bought in 2007 are still going strong! Saved my basement from a disaster when the wash machine broke in its fill-up mode (water was running 'full steam').

For the price history followers: I purchased the 2-pk in both Nov and Dec 2010 for $12.99 each.


Has anyone ever stopped to consider that the LeakFrogs could be causing the leaks? Pretty convenient that people with a LeakFrog have leaks don't cha think? Person says, "Thank you LeakFrog, you saved me!" Meanwhile, the LeakFrog just grins his devious grin...


Does buying form Moofi unlock $5 shipping for the day?


@mflatau: Yes, moofi is part of the woot family, and buying from moofi unlocks the $5 shipping. Remember that it goes away at Midnight, Central, and spend accordingly.