dealshat light for $2.99 + free shipping


I thought if "shovel" or "rake" will work, why not "hat light"...100% more words, but still succinct.


bah seems like it uses button batteries. was hopping i could put my rechargeable aa's to work



Yes, it does. I got two of these from Ben's/1SaleADay a while back for $1 each (free, plus $1 shipping). They work well.

You can frequently buy a bulk pack (25) of the batteries from various places (in China) for about $4-$5 including shipping. I think I got the last pack from Suntekstore, though I wouldn't swear to it.


I bought a couple of these a while back. They are great for keeping both hands free while walking dogs. This is particularly difficult in the Winter when it gets dark so early. I also have used them when working in the garage on my bike or car. You cannot have enough light when working in a tight spots. I may keep one hand for holding and the other driving.


Not sure where I'm going to put my brass fishhook when wearing this.


Do not buy this, they actually sell these at 99 cent stores


@blackbradpitt: Thanks for the help...Oh, wait! The nearest 99 cent store is an hour drive and gas is not free.


@morriea: lol, good point. but i didnt mean only the chain stores. I've seen em at random mom and pop dollar stores as well. Or you can just paypal me $1.50. Your welcome.:)


@blackbradpitt: Excellent sense of humor...I commend you!

I must admit that living an hour from everything has led me to be online-centric in looking for deals.


comes up out of stock now anyway