dealsaeropress coffee and espresso maker : save 14…


AeroPress makes fabulous coffee - so much so that you might drink too much. I roast my own beans, and have a Breville and a Capresso espresso maker, as well as several french presses (and Mr. Coffee hidden away for when my mom visits), and must say that this Aeropress makes coffee that is just wonderful, and as good as or better than any other I make.


The Aeropress is awesome -- I wrote a review on it:

I have purchased several of these as gifts and for travel use. They're great and you can re-use the filters a few times. The filters are cheap anyway.


I love my Aeropress, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Though it might seem exactly like a French press at first blush (mixing the coffee/water mixture then pressing), the difference is that the plunger is used to build up pressure behind the coffee grounds/water mixture, rather than having the plunger compress the grounds through direct contact as in a French press. What results is something in between an espresso shot and a French press brew, perhaps closer to the former in consistency.

The only caveats are that it is not turn-key (like most drip coffee makers), nor, needless to say, is it as well suited to make pot loads of coffee in the manner of a drip coffee maker.

That said, if you are one of the few poor shmucks that doesn't have a dishwashing machine (like me), this thing is FAR easier to clean than a French press, since the seal between. Also, more importantly, the quality of the brew is either comparable or better than what one obtains with a French press.