dealslaser pointer w/ casing for $5.05


Is a $5 laser pointer any good? The reviews look like you'll either be very pleased or it will be a POS. Anyone buy from these Chinese manufacturers?


@90mcg112: I depends upon how you are going to use it. The focal points on this type of pointer is pretty poor. It is more of a blob then a dot (at least on the ones that I received).


We bought 10 of these last year to give as gifts - 2 were great (and still are), 6 would stay bright for a minute or 2 then would get dim (they would get bright again if you turned them off then back on) and 2 didn't work (seller refunded $ without sending them back because they didn't have any in stock).


List Price: $149.99 lolololololololol


@qwerty283: For the ones that start bright then go dim, try replacement batteries.
Green lasers (IR DPSS lasers) use a lot of power, so alkalines really can't keep up.

Then again, the 2 could be faulty (laser/crystal not bonded to the pen so it overheats)...

If you want a great pointer, these work well (visible on projectors, TV screens, you name it) -- your eye sees green much better than red. On high-humidity days, you can even see the beam (light scattering isn't bright enough with red lasers) -- that makes it easier to point out constellations to people (but don't point at a plane!).

Also - a lot of the Chinese manufacturers don't put an IR-Cut filter in (cost cutting) -- that means that you have 1-3W (!) of IR laser also being emitted -- very unsafe for eyes, so keep well away from eyes (yours or pets); reflections closer than 1 foot away (even scattering from non-reflective surfaces) can cause eye damage.


These things are available from many vendors on eBay and Amazon and when you buy them you probably can't tell which Chinese factory they were made in which may account for the wide range in ratings. Here is basically the same pointer for a little less and more reviews (but again no way of telling what factory goes with what review):


If you truly get the laser pointer pictured I'd say it's well worth the price. It's powerful enough to be visible against the night sky for stargazing and it has impressive range for pointing at objects in the distance. I've never measured the visible distance but I can see it against a hillside several hundred yards away. It feels well built and still works perfectly more than a year after purchase. The batteries that came with it lasted about 8 months with fairly regular casual use (I keep it on my coffee table and guests love to tinker with it while visiting).


I bought some of these on Amazon once and they were miserable. Whatever you do, buy from a brand name reputable seller. I returned them and got my money back, but if you want a good laser pointer pay a little more!


I've bought one of these for $20 off ebay, and it's worked great for a few years. The pointer's visible in daylight, and the beam's usually visible at night, range is over a mile in the dark. If it works, this is a great deal, but judging by the reviews on amazon, these are less reliable, althoug they look the same.


Sigh, so hard to find a 200-300 watt laser these days (cheap anyways)
Well, I guess at 5mw, plus the cheap price, I can wire 20 of these in each head light of my bmw for a safe,...federally safe, bright green super high beams.
They'll have to update the driving laws soon after to turn off your super high beams when a car is approaching at a shorter distance than the curvature of the earth.
(Ignoring atmospheric refraction of coarse)



My goodness, so much misinformation in one post...

Google it.


@bobbyatkinson: Funny, I had no idea BMW was doing that.
And, they say it's 1000 times brighter than conventional headlights?
I was thinking that it would be great to bundle up a bunch of powerful green or blue lasers and make a fat beam.... Not exactly legal. And therefore dangerous.
Lasers of such powerful caliber should only be pointed at the sky, single or bundled up, attached to the roof.