dealsjiffy - recipe book for $0.00 + free shipping


Cool. I have an older recipe book from them & the recipes have all been pretty good. I'm all signed up to get one!


Cool. Just ordered mine. Thanks


Most if not all of their products contain partially hydrogenated oils and quite a few have animal shortening (e.g. lard). Thanks, but no thanks.

Although I suppose it could be useful if you were having a book burning party.


I got this on the last go around. Took about 5 weeks to get it. But it is worth the wait for free recipe's.


Anyone know how big this book is? Is it actually a book or more so a pamphlet?



Mmmmmmm! Lard! My kind of cookbook!


@ferrisbueller: Anything free is worth waiting for, haha!


The book is 35 pages long.

If you go to the link, on the right it says:

You can view our
recipe book online
The Jiffy Recipe book is
available online in an
electronic format too!
View it here »


I got this thing a while back... It's hard to describe it as anything more than Jiffy advertising.
Pizza crust recipe: Buy Jiffy Pizza Crust Mix, follow instructions
Muffin recipe: Buy Jiffy Muffin Mix, follow instructions

Each recipe in here might add an ingredient or two that's not in the box... As in adding dried basil or oregano to the pizza crust mix.

Ok, if you already like Jiffy mixes, and want to spruce them up just a little, well then this is the deal for you. As it was for me, a while back. It told me how much frozen corn I could add to their muffin mix and have it come out still tasting like muffins.
Worth ten times its price.


Clever! Do you gargle with peanut butter as an encore?


@pallazzo: Of course it's basically an advertisement for their products. What did you expect it to include, if not recipes containing Jiffy mixes?


Why waste the paper if it's online? I've never liked Jiffy products. If I want free recipes, I'll go to the thousands of websites that are on the internet. allrecipes, epicurious, food network, people's blogs, etc. The previous poster said it right, it's just an advertisement. Their product is substandard.


@jeffhannah: My great grandmother has been cooking with lard all her life (mostly in Cuba, but she still uses it here). She's 95, still sews without glasses, goes for mile long walks, and has never been fat. She pan-fries steaks in lard and they are the most delicious things on the face of this earth. Don't knock it.


This motivated me to use that box of Jiffy cornbread that's been sitting in the back of my pantry for, well, a long time (the use by date was in 2008).

It was a mistake.