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Wedding Crashes is one of the worst things ever made by humans.


Another one of the worst things by humans is your typing/spelling skills !! Check your spelling and pulse before dissing a classic film for people with a great sense of humor.


@carguy027: Classic film? Yeah, 'cause the story's so deep and original. Oh and the comedy! It's just so clever. Please, the movie is crap. It's only as popular as it is because of the bewbs.

Tell me, what do you think of Catwoman?


Placed an order this morning and received this email tonight:

Thank you for your order. We apologize but the item(s) you
ordered are currently out of stock and we are unable to provide
a definite ship date at this time. However, we continually
receive new merchandise in our warehouse and we hope to fulfill
your order within the next thirty days or sooner if possible.


@thiefofdreams: same thing happened to me when I did this with Fry's a while back. All in, it took about 2 months but I did eventually receive it.


+1 OP. Good price, although I'm in for none.


What is up on this board. Just ask yourselves would you say these things to peoples faces. People do have feelings.

I learned this by leaving a super harsh email on a site for the administrator. He replied the next day and said he had already tried my suggestion, several times, he did not like the tone of my letter. I was emailing a fellow supporter of a Non profit. It had not ever dawned on me back in 98 that someone was reading my asshole words. I wrote back and apologized. Off my soapbox now.