dealsipad stylus & pen for $0.00


The deal is still around because it's not really a good deal. Sure the product is free but they make their money on the handling part of the S&H.

Do you ever see those commercials that sell a cheap product and tell you "but wait, if you act now we will send you a second one -- just pay separate shipping and handling."


@cengland0: I’m gonna disagree; it’s still a pretty good deal. Yes, it’s $3.99 and not totally free, but these things are $30+ at places like best buy. Yes best buy is overpriced, but still $4 ain’t bad. I ordered one last week and can’t attest to quality, but as long as it writes and the stylus doesn’t scratch up my screen or something crazy, I’d still say this is a deal.


@mossmanfromheman: If this a quality stylus.... you can cheapo ones of Amazon for little $.


@mossmanfromheman: Here's a link that has 14 pages of these and they are anywhere around $1.10 to nor more than $8 with free shipping:

This is an every-day price but if you think $3.99 is a good deal when you can get one for $1.10, go buy as many as you want.

Besides, I have one of these already and I don't like the feel of them on the screen. Also, unless you have two of them, you cannot pinch the screen to shrink or enlarge so you still need to use your fingers anyway.

I'll give you my used one for free if you want it. Just pay shipping and handling and it's yours.