dealsworthington 20 lb. gas cylinder w/ overfill…


I used to work in the propane industry and it is still a family business. Overfill prevention has been OSHA law since like 2002 or so. You're not even allowed to fill tanks without it any more. Not a terrible price for a tank, but don't buy it because it has overfill prevention... they all do.


@keithbluhm: "Don't buy it because it has overfill protection." Say what?


@nmdenn2: he's saying don't buy it just because of the overfill protection. all propane tanks are required to have that feature.


@nmdenn2: You might want to read his post again.It's pretty clear.


I can't find one in-store ANYWHERE near me :(


I can't find a store ANYWHERE near me.


I found one in Virginia MN, great price


Buying propane from a big box store instead of from a small business? Hank Hill would have something to say about that I tell you what.


@luke975 @dave17: If it's the law then the point is moot. A "just" in the sentence would have been clearer.


Speeding is against the law...but we all do it. Just sayin...


Seems like a good price but after my girlfriend got a gas grill this summer I googled for best price on a propane tank. Many people said just get one at a garage sale and exchange it for a filled one. Next day first garage sale had one that we got for $3.


@john1863: Totally! MY new grill didn't come with a tank. Blue Rhino exchanges were $18 with tank and $40 without. I found the rustiest piece of crap tank I could and exchanged it for a new one...


@shadowknight125: You buy the tank from big box so you do not have to do exchange tanks with big box!

@nmdenn2: I think they are trying to tell you, while you may know more about LP tanks then most, he was sharing his knowledge, not a bad thing.

It would be equivalent to a car dealer saying: This new car's windshield has shatter resistant glass. (sort of implying some new cars do not, but all know they all must have this safety feature). Savy?


I fill them up at the local gas station for about $12-13. This is a good price for a new tank, but they can often be found on Craigs List for about $10 if you are looking for an exchange. Where I live it rains a lot, tanks rust and then I exchange them every couple years. I exchange at Walgreens because they let me pick out a nice clean tank. I even had the valve go out once and I just exchanged it!


@nmdenn2: yeah and you actually reading the entire post would have made things clearer also. everyone else understood the point. sometimes it's not everyone else. it's you.


Won't ship........can't find any in stores. Waste of space to post this.