dealsquiznos spend $2.99 on a small sub and get a freeā€¦


Why did this get the dreaded "free" tag? Why not "BOGO"?


@jsimsace: Not sure.. Just asked @Jumbowoot




All fixed.

Free, for the purposes of the free tag, does not require a purchase.

All told.


The beef dip looks really good, I almost tried the beef dip last time I was in there... Maybe next time. It's hard to break from a favorite which, for me, is the chicken carbonara. Mmmm.... Thanks for the coupon!


I went to Quiznos with coupon... noticed a sign on the door that says "we do not accept coupons of any kind"

Went in and asked, the manager said that it's up to the franchisee and he is not a coupon kind of guy. I told him i wasn't a "full price kind of guy" and left. I respect his decision, i just think it's the wrong one. They're super nice there though. I feel bad for being a jerk :(


@siegan: I wouldn't feel guilty. His answer was cocky and deserved a cocky response.

I am sure his employees were laughing....probably on the inside, but still laughing none the less.

And if he has to put a sign on his door there must be a lot of people on days like today that bring in coupons. He will lose at least one customer from that move and I am sure that customer would have covered what he would have lost on the coupons. Bad customer service move.


Misleading... You must purchase a regular drink as well as the small sub to get one free...

Not really worth it anymore...


How much does a sub cost there now anyway? Should I contact a loan officer?