dealsgourmet chef hand-operated stainless steel pasta…


Could be a great deal, but it doesn't provide the brand. Could be a cheap Chinese knock-off that is cheaply plated with chrome that will start to come off into your pasta. If you want cheap pasta, buy the cheap dry pasta at the store. If you want good homemade pasta I would spend a little more for a known brand with their reputation out there. Either way this is a gamble I am not going to risk throwing away $30 on.


Gourmet Chef is the brand. It's one found at Wal-Mart and the like. Cheap brand, makes ok products! Not a bad price.


I don't own this particular model, but when cleaning any sort of pasta maker constructed like this pay close attention to the cleaning instructions. Often, the blade housing is basically an assembly, and any water with soap in it will immediately cause the blades to rust.