dealschristmas shot glasses, set of three for $9.99…


I almost overlooked these due to the poor tagging!

But in all seriousness, in for 1.


@eraten: What do you mean? Surely everyone searches for #shot-glasses and #barware! (wtf?? barware??? is that even a word?)


@ohcheri: "Barware" is indeed a legitimate word, descriptor, and tag,

but it seems fairly useless to me as an appropriate descriptor for Christmas-themed items. If I were queen of the universe, I would use the tags "Christmas" and "barware.".


@magic cave: I nominate you for Queen of the Universe!

I, too, felt #christmas was a much more appropriate tag and one a potential shopper would be more likely to search for. Sometimes you don't know you want to buy something until you see it, right?

I hope the mods will reconsider with the upcoming holidays and be more generous with the tags #christmas and #gift.