dealssoto pocket torch - turn your disposable lighter…


This scares me a little bit.

In for seven.


Yay! In for 1! My crack just got here too!


In for 1 - ... Was a Backpacker Editor's Choice a year or so ago...


Note to self: Might not want to carry in your pants pocket...

vote-for1vote-against is cheaper, holds more fuel, and a can of butane is cheaper than a bunch of lighters though maybe less convenient to carry.


20 minutes per disposable lighter?!?!

i've never tested how long a bic lasts nonstop, but i have a feeling it's under 20 minutes. plus, this thing has to use more butane than lighting it the standard way would.


@djslack: however, disposable lighters are available EVERYWHERE. I'm not sure if QuikTrip carries butane...


i've tried using a disposable lighter for extended periods of attempts of melting stuff; eventually the metal parts melt away from the plastic on the lighter and the problems really start. just saying.
it's happened so far with all brands. you could all it experiences of a childhood pyromaniac.


Then it's good for people that don't prepare, and prefer to spend more money at the last minute.

Glad I'm not one of those people.


bought this one the first time I saw it on deals.woot - it only works with square bodied lighters, bic's don't fit inside it, and the only square ones I could find were duane reade brand. Needless to say since the lighters don't work very well neither does this and the fact that bic's don't fit in it is a huge negative.



The manufacturer (SOTO) actually recommends using Scripto brand lighters. They fit and work the best and are available at over 5000 locations across the US.

If you are having problems using it, give us a call and we'd be happy to look up your order and make sure you get a unit that is working properly. These units should work just fine with the lighter mentioned above.

- The Team



We've actually found these to be more efficient than just using a lighter. The secret lies in the ignitor head that basically just turns the lighter into a fuel source. Rather than just spewing fuel and sparking it like a regular lighter does, the ignitor head on the SOTO uses less fuel and vaporizes it in a way that makes it burn in a more refined, hotter flame. Hence the 2300deg F. When you light one, its like a mini blow torch.

Hope that helps.



I wouldn't say that there is much comparison between this and the lighters that you tried melting things with in your youth. This is more a mini blow torch that uses a lighter as a fuel source than it is a simple lighter.