dealscorelle livingware 16-piece dinnerware set…


I once had a secret garden but the rabbits ate everyting and only left my an empty plate. Hope I have better luck with these as they are camouflaged.


Give Corelle plates to someone when they're 25 years old, and by the time they're 80 years old, they'll still be using them.


Great deal on a great product. And there are solid white (or off-white) pieces that can fill out any set if the pattern becomes hard to find years later.


I have had my first set for 23 years. I am glad that they changed the cup.


We have Corelle hand me downs that I've had for 10 years. Previous owner had them for 20 years. We use them every day. We have dropped them a number of times. They are always dishwashed. They still look absolutely new.

Our other dishes which are stoneware are mostly just a waste of space and an annoying moving weight (and the fine china is in a display... because that's what people do).


I work in the Homelines section of Walmart- this is a really good deal on a product that'd normally cost you about $35. That said, I bought my Corelle on Black Friday at my workplace- 12-piece sets for $12 each.


Anyone know where to pick up just sets of Corelle stuff without the mugs? I'd love to buy 12 packs of plates and bowls, but have no real need for the mugs.


@racinreaver: I'm afraid you can't- only the 16-piece set is standard stock. We got the 12-piece set in stock only for Black Friday. Unfortunately, it's a nonstandard SKU. Especially considering that the mugs are stoneware, not the laminated glass that makes Corelle so awesome.


Do a web search for open stock Corelle. Good luck.