dealsrefurbished: sandisk sansa clip+ 1.0" black 8gb…


This is 8gig and I have never had an issue with any of my Sansa's refurbs.


@tatterbits: I did :)

Pros: Would be great if all buttons worked. Gave it one star because it looks like new, but that's about all that was good about it.

Cons: Arrived with a defective button - can't use one of the buttons! I guess we'll see if I get a good unit replaced, here's crossing my fingers.

Now I have to RMA and pay return shipping, should have not bought. Wish I could have got my $ back on this one.

Other Thoughts: I sure wish it worked fully. It would be nice if newegg would pay the return shipping, now I have to spend and extra 5 -6 bucks sending back a defective unit, and add that to the original price I almost could have bought a new player that wasn't a refurb.


@sniperek: Sorry :( I even washed two of mine.. whoops, but they still work !! YAY


I've been a Sansa fan for so long I remember when they used regular batteries! I've almost always bought them refurbed with no problems, can't even remember when I paid retail/new. I love my Clip+ (s) (how do you make that plural?) but I'm really, really hoping that the Clip Zip will finally become the "deal" Sansa!!! My aged eyes find the screen easier to read. (my grandkids now get to use my oldies)


I love my Clip+ - right up to when it suddenly died, 1 month after its 1 year warranty expired. It does everything I want, and it supports USB mass storage class - no proprietary software required to load music or audiobooks into it.

I tried everything I could to revive it to no avail. I replaced it with a 4GB Sansa Clip Zip.