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Anyone know if there is a tool/selector thing to tell if this will fit a given car model?


I'd almost buy this for the speakers, but they don't fit my car. That stereo ain't got nothing on my Sync tech though. Still, this is a good price and will be a solid upgrade to most stock systems. Watch out for the install charges; save money and do it yourself.


@thiney49: you will need a install kit for your make car


Vehicle Fit Guide

What we used when i worked at the Best Buy/Geek Squad Car Install Bay.

For a BASIC stereo and speakers, it's hard to beat Pioneer's bang for the buck. But don't expect audiophile sound.

If you are unfamiliar with Car Audio installation and 12v electronics, please do yourself a huge favor, have a Professional install it!

I've had "electrical engineers" with 4yr degrees screw up car audio more than anybody else. There is a 'trick' to every trade, but they're usually too smart to get that.


I would really jump on this, but i don't need the 6x9's. I need 4 6.5's instead. :(


The speakers have the rubberized fabric surrounds and not full rubber but still decent speakers. I got one set last month in their sale and just bought two more for presents. They put out loud sound. The receiver even has an EQ and "high pass filter" which I use as well. Great value if you do not have a stereo or for a project.


This deal is only to be found for $99 for the deck only.