dealscraftsman cap wrench bottle opener for $4.99


This looks to have only been good until midnight 4 Aug 2012, Eastern Time.
Now shows:
Craftsman Cap Wrench Bottle Opener
Sold by Sears Sears Item# 00944500000 | Model# 44500
Now $4.99 Savings applied in cart [which isn't true, since it also says this at checkout:
Estimated Pre-tax Total $12.74]


I've had one of these for a few years now. I love it. It's a friggin' Craftsman wrench with a bottle opener end instead of a box or open-end. BTW - it's 11:49 PST and is still showing $4.99.


@sswilcox, @brian213, I suspect that the deal was only good until midnight on the 4th local time wherever the person was physically when they followed the link. It is 0545 CDT here and the Sears site is now showing $14.99.