dealsdownton abbey, season 1, episode 1 - freeā€¦


This is fast becoming my favorite TV show. Period.

BTW, all of the episodes (so far: the final episode is scheduled to air this Sunday) from the current season, season two, are on the site. If you want to catch up with season two, you can and it's free. Makes me glad I support my local PBS station at pledge time.


@gertiestn: If you're watching the US versions on PBS you are missing out. They cut out some characters and shortened the episodes. I suggest grabbing the British versions if you can!


I'm eagerly awaiting my Blu-Ray sets of the UK version. UPS claims they'll arrive here on 2/16. I'm ready.


Of course, with a little looking around, you can find the entire Season 1, Season 2, and the Christmas Special, available for free download. No iTunes needed.


Season 1 is also streaming via, "project free tv" for Season 2. I thought my wife and I were going to have a breakdown at the end of Season 1 but then we found the free tv website.

Season 1 & 2 of Downton makes for a pretty awesome weekend.


@jimlivingston: hey, not true! The show's only been edited to fit PBS's no commercials format and timing. So one episode of the PBS version ends up being 1 1/3 of the UK version. Nothing been's left out, and there are certainly no characters missing. I've seen both the US and UK versions, at least for all of season 1.


@russ6169 - my computer is having a fit trying to go to that project free tv site. Says it's an attack site and has been reported.


It is good to know that Amazon Prime and Netflix have this too. But technically it is not free because you have to pay for memberships. Itunes is 100% free. And I'm not sure I'd trust some lesser-known sites (see a few comments above this one).


Downloaded and will later upload to my new kindle fire, Yahtzee, the GF will love it.